Property Tax Assessment Valuation and Appeal

Property taxes are one of the single largest operating expenses for a commercial property. Annual review of our client’s assessed valuation is a necessity to efficient operation and management of their property. Assessing jurisdictions regularly look for ways to maximize tax revenues and Real Estate Tax Group, LLC finds it necessary to annually calibrate assessment valuation models to ensure the property is assessed fairly and equitably.

Real Estate Tax Group, LLC draws upon a wealth of market knowledge and collaborative agreements to maximize tax savings.

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Business Personal Property Filing Compliance

Most states impose a tax on moveable tangible personal property used in a business operation. It is incumbent on a business to self-report and accurately file. Real Estate Tax Group, LLC will conduct on-site visit, if necessary, to ascertain the inventory of personal property. We will then accurately delineate and categorizes a business’ assets into one of a multitude of proper classifications to maximize the allowable depreciation.

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Tax Abatement Programs and Procurement

A number of States have devised several tax incentive programs to abate real estate taxes and encourage the redevelopment of real estate. Many of these abatement programs allow a property owner to pay a fixed amount of taxes based on an pre-renovation assessment or abate certain jurisdictional taxes. These abatements increase the bottom line net operating income to a property.

Most tax abatement programs abate local property taxes and are administered on the local jurisdictional level. Real Estate Tax Group, LLC coordinates the lengthy application process with the issuance of tax bills and assessment notices which, if not carefully analyzed, can jeopardize the abatement application and potential savings.

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Enterprise Zone Program Procurement

Most States have incentive programs for new and expanding businesses. Each state’s program may differ, but most of them provide either direct cash rebates or tax credits for new employees. Local governments constantly revise these programs as evolving state and local economies evolve and the targeted industry development changes.

RETG works with business owners to analyze the nature of their business and the potential for incentives. We then work with owners through the State and local approval process to ensure the necessary hiring requirements are met and the cost reporting is conducted in a way that maximizes the tax recovery.

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General Consulting Services

Whether it is projecting real estate taxes for the purposes of a property acquisition, or providing property tax competitive set analysis for a potential PILOT application, or a feasibility study to determine the most beneficial tax incentive strategy, RETG is called upon regularly by property owners in the due diligence phase of property acquisition.
We have the breadth of knowledge of the local markets in which we operate to provide accurate projections and a realistic landscape thereby making the first year operating performance more true to budget.

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Historic Investment Tax Credit Procurement

RETG draws upon on-going affiliate relationships with architects and historians to ascertain the maximum Federal and Historic Credits available for each project. We provide a turnkey service where we provide the expertise to capture any local and Federal credits.

Escrow Payment and Tax Payment Processing

As a service to our corporate clients, we provide tax escrow and processing. We have the capabilities to processing a large number of tax bills, putting them into our relational data base and running the statistical variance of the property assessment and taxes. After providing a reconcilaiton of each parcel, tax bills are timely processed to the tax jurisdiction from the escrow account funded by the client with paid receipts obtained from the tax collector. Various customized reporting can be done at various intervals to reconcile parcel accounts.